GLO Therapeutic Facial & Chemical Peel (Medical Facial)

Glo Clycolic 45 mins:

This chemical exfoliation is recommended for mature and uneven skin tones to improve Texture by removing the dead skin cells from the skins surface. The procedure will help to reduce fine lines & wrinkles, leaving the skin glowing.

GLO Signature Facial

Single Session  £40.00 
Course of Three £100.00


The GLO Therapeutics Peels are a new generation of chemical peels that offer immediate results without any downtime, dehydration or damage to the skin structure. GLO Peels contains skin friendly acids that gently remove old skin cells, revealing young, fresh skin cells. Unlike many other types of chemical exfoliation the advataged GLO formulation uses pepticly to work on the signs of aging, and retinoids and growth factors to help thicken and rebuild the environmentally damaged skin structure.

Single Session  £50.00 
Course of Three £135.00


If you require further information on our Glo Therapeutic Facial & Chemical peel Treatments, or wish to book an appointment, please call the salon on:

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